Our toddler room is spacious and is filled with a balance of stimulating individual and group activities, free play and areas of discovery. The children in Big Bears are encouraged to explore their interests and develop their social skills with other children and familiar adults alike. 

Children in this room start to learn nursery rules and more complex social skills in terms of understanding other people’s emotions, their likes and dislikes. The room design is starting to resemble a pre-school layout, with more choices and learning how to use and look after the equipment/toys around them. The areas are more complex - home corner/ role play area, book area, construction area, small world, creative area, problem solving mat and a musical area. The areas have choices within which the children are still learning to tidy up after themselves. 

Big Bears staff will use resources from our Preschool room to familiarise the children with toys/equipment from that room and learning how to use them. The two rooms work closely on the rules set for the children to ensure there is continuity in their learning.

Each child has their own key person, to track the learning and development of the child and document it on our electronic learning journal- 'Learning Book'.


Becky Flanagan (Leading Practitioner)- Becky joined our team 4 years ago and has 9 years of experience working with children. She has recently completed a BA(Hons) in Children's Care, Learning and Development. Becky is going on to study a Masters in Early Childhood Studies September 2018.



Between our staff team in Big Bears there are individuals trained in paediatric first aid, food safety and safeguarding.