Learning Book and Key People

Here at 3 Bears we use Learning Book, an electronic way to capture observations and monitor your child's learning and development.

In partnership with Learning book we are able to give a log in to each parent for their child's account so that they are able to access it from home at any time, using a computer, tablet or phone and look at the photos, videos, captions and level of development indicated. We find this is an effective way to capture moments in each child's day at nursery.

Once your child finishes their time in the setting parents are able to purchase books or a memory stick filled with the contents of their child's individual learning journal so that it is saved forever.


Your Child's Key Person

 Every child that is part of 3 Bears Nursery will have their own Key Person. 

A Key Person is the member of staff in your child's room who will be responsible for observing and facilitating your child's early years development, they will plan activities based on your child's own interests and needs as they will be very familiar with them. 

During the settling in period when your child first joins the nursery they are likely to form a close bond with one of our team in early attachment, they will become your child's Key Person. This means the child is in essence choosing their own key person based on their own natural initial attachments, so will be most beneficial to the child.

They will be able to share with you at any point how your child is developing and processing and share ideas for what could be done at home to support their development further. We also like to know what your child has been up to at home and out of nursery so that we can provide continuity an allow them to talk about any new interests or fun things they've been up to!

Our staff are a very close-knit team who communicate on a daily and weekly basis both in the room and across the whole setting, so each child's development is clear to the whole team. Therefore not only the key person, but other staff members in your child's room or in other rooms should they cover in your child's room or if you child visit their room; will be familiar with the development stage and interests of your child.