Our Rooms

We split our children into 3 different age groups

Little Bears Room- 3 months- 2 Years

Big Bears Room- 2-3 Years

Preschool Room- 3-4 Years 

Each child has their own key person, to track the learning and development of the child and document it on our electronic learning journal- 'Learning Book'. Observations are taken frequently of children throughout the day during free play and focused activities. These help the staff to plan appropriate activities to further children's learning and development in each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These observations are shared with parents verbally and on 'Learning Book', our electronic learning journey, to encourage parental involvement in their child's learning and build a strong parent partnership.

We ensure that we celebrate a child's individual progress and achievements, as we understand that every child will have different strengths and weaknesses and the rate at which they learn is varied.

Members of our staff team working with every age group in the setting are paediatric first aid trained, trained in safeguarding, health and safety and food safety trained to ensure our children are in as safe an environment as possible.

Staff to Child Ratios- Our under 2's are on a 1:3 ratios so there are three children to each member of staff, our 2 year older are on a 1:4 ratio and our 3-4 year olds are on a 1:8 ratio.


Sensory and Relaxation Room

We have created a warm, spacious and sensory environment for our babies, which has a home from home atmosphere.

This room has plentiful space for children to have their individual sleep spaces, with cots and bouncer chairs for the youngest of our babies and sleep mats for the older babies.

There is a focus on stimulating each baby's senses as this is the way in which they learn and develop both physically and cognitively. the space is suitable for immobile, crawling and toddling youngsters with lots of soft furnishings, vibrant colours and inviting areas such as the black and white area, sensory corner, book corner and feeding chair.


Little Bears Room

 Our staff team have a wealth of experience and training, and are focused on guiding the development of the babies and offering lots of encouragement along the way. The high staff ratio ensures that each and every child receives plenty of attention, and your babies home routine is mirrored as closely as possible to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed in the nursery.

During the day our children will be able to be involved in messy play activities, will experience lots of music and singing, hear lots of stories and be able to explore different areas such as a sensory area, home corner, construction area and soft play. Throughout which their senses are constantly stimulated by different textures, materials, sounds and sights.

Big Bears Room

Our toddler room is spacious and is filled with a balance of stimulating individual and group activities, free play and areas of discovery. The children in Big Bears are encouraged to explore their interests and develop their social skills with other children and familiar adults alike. 

Children in this room start to learn nursery rules and more complex social skills in terms of understanding other people’s emotions, their likes and dislikes. The room design is starting to resemble a pre-school layout, with more choices and learning how to use and look after the equipment/toys around them. The areas are more complex - home corner/ role play area, book area, construction area, small world, creative area, problem solving mat and a musical area. 

Big Bears staff will use resources from our Preschool room to familiarise the children with toys/equipment from that room and learning how to use them. The two rooms work closely on the rules set for the children to ensure there is continuity in their learning.

Preschool Room

Our preschool children are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum, enabling them to learn through play. We encourage children to reach their full potential by providing stimulating group and individual activities/ experiences. These are tailored to the child's level of development and interests. We ensure there is a balance between child initiated and adult led time.

Our preschool children each have a book bag, they are able to go on the library bus to choose a new book to take home every Tuesday afternoon. In their bag every week each child is also given a set of homework, including an activity sheet for the letter of the week and a name sheet to learn to be able to write their own name.

We recognise the importance of school readiness. Each year we work in partnership with schools, in order to give the children as smooth a transition into reception as possible. We also provide a transition document to the school for each child, filled in by the child's key person and their parents in order to introduce them to their new teacher and highlight their current level of development in terms of the 7 areas of the EYFS.